Why renew you roof?

If your roof is worn out, the rest of your home is at risk. Quite often slates, roof tiles can appear to be in good condition but the nails which secure them to the batten can suffer nail fatigue, this becomes evident when slates begin to slip and cause leaks. Tiles and slates that are worn out can delaminate and disintegrate. Flashings can split and wear. Roofs of a certain age will not have under-felt as a secondary line of defence. Ridge tiles can become loose. All or any of these factors can mean that a roof needs to be renewed.

Re-roofing – the best solution

“If your roof is suffering with any of the above problems, don’t worry! We’re just a phone call away. Midwest Roofing provide an outstanding service along with time served quality roofers ensuring your job is carried out to the highest standards in the roofing industry.

Guide price for re-roofs

Mid terrace roof: 60 square metres will cost on average £3,400

3 bedroom semi-detached: 70 square metres will cost on average £3,850

3 bedroom bungalow: 100 square metres will cost on average £4,350

4 bedroom semi-detached: 100 square metres will cost on average £4,500

Prices Include building regulations and an Insurance Backed 10 Year Guarantee

Re-roof involves: Building Regulations, 270mm -300mm of Thermal Insulation, Scaffolding and Skips, Breathable Felt and Battens BS5534 PEFC, Pan Tiles and Ridges, Maintenance FREE materials: Dry Valley, Dry Verge, Dry Ridge System and EPS, Chimney Flashings, soakers, gutter and apron. Duration: 3 to 5 days weather permitting. (Prices vary depending on size of the property and access to the property along with obstructions such as conservatories and extensions)
Ridges and Hips – Although you do not have to use dry fix systems, roofers will have to demonstrate how you can effectively fix ridge tiles when using mortar. BS5534 Code of practice: Slating – Tiling for pitched roofs

Mortar alone cannot be used to fix ridges and hips, if mortar is used, the ridges and hips must also be mechanically fixed.

As of 1 March 2015, the new standard is mandatory and any roof started from this date forward must be installed to the new standard. The two main reasons for its revision are the rise in extreme weather in Britain and to align British standards. Changes in building practices and better understanding of how roofs perform have also led to the update.

It is no longer sufficient to use mortar as the only means of fixing tiles and fittings to roofs. This is to prevent the risk of roof leakage and subsequent repair work should the mortar fail and use modern dry-fix ridge/hip solutions instead.

You may want to consider installing a roof light to bring natural light into your loft space or even through your loft into another room. Again you would save on access and labour costs by installing a roof light at the same time as a new roof.

You should also consider any chimney stacks that you have on the property. They are usually unused and can be removed, often inexpensively. Alternatively chimney stacks may need repointing with new mortar to retain their stability.

re-roofing-1 re-roofing

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